This week I want to give a special shout out to science. According to a recent study, a glass of wine can equate to an hour of exercise. As posted on, the study was published in Journal of Physiology in May. The researchers discovered that the compound “resveratrol”, found in red wine, not only enhances the effects of exercise, but also could help mimic exercise. You can read’s full article on the report here, which I’m guessing is a little more entertaining than the original report.

Now that we’re clear on the fact that wine is good for us, I thought I would use this week to give you a list of local wineries. Believe it or not, Minnesota provides the perfect environment for growing grapes, hence the abundance of vineyards surrounding the metro area. Here are just a few that pepper our area:

You don’t have to reserve nice weather for a day to get out and tour your local vineyard. Tours are largely indoors and end in the tasting room. You’ll be given the chance to sample the wines you just learned about and pair them with different cheeses. You’ll be a connoisseur in no time!

Keep in mind that downing six glasses of wine won’t equal six hours of exercise. But it’s still important to make the choices in life you know to be good for you. By taking a proactive and preventive approach, you’ll be doing something good for yourself and your long-term medical costs.

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