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Ray of Sunshine

It’s easy to be excited and have positive energy on a sunny day, especially in Minnesota, when we only have so many beautiful summer days a year. Being a ray of sunshine means bringing that same positive energy on a cloudy day.

For most people, health insurance is like living in Seattle where it rains 90% of the time. Our job at Shoreline is to be the ray of sunshine, poking through the clouds and shedding light on what is for most people a very confusing, overwhelming, and incredibly stressful decision that is often coupled with a huge life change.

It goes beyond making them feel good about their health plan decision, it’s meeting them where they are at in life…helping them to see the bright side of their situation. Radiating positive energy that continues to be passed on, like the butterfly effect.

Rock the Boat

Rock the boat encapsulates so many things. It’s embracing any challenge that comes our way. It’s constantly learning and expanding our knowledge of the industry. It’s sharing that knowledge with our clients and debunking “fake news” about healthcare.

Rock the boat is seeking new and improved ways to help our clients. It’s influencing positive change that creates a sustainable future for healthcare in America. It’s being an industry expert and a leader.

At Shoreline Insurance Group, we don’t just coast. We rock the boat!

Crew Mindset

Having a crew mindset is understanding that it takes more than one to keep the ship moving in the right direction. The responsibility doesn’t just fall on one person’s shoulders.

A crew is supportive of each other while pulling their own weight.  They build each other up in a positive, constructive way.

Be the Best Version of You

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs. Without the lows, you can’t truly experience the highs. We believe people flourish when every facet of their health is cared for: physical, emotional, spiritual & relational. Be the Best Version of You – calls for making smart decisions in all areas of your life. You have a choice to be happy. It means surrounding yourself with good friends – people who build you up, support you and make you better. It means making a conscious decision to prioritize long-term health over habits and choices that only feel good in the moment. It means working hard and earning your right to play so that playtime becomes that much sweeter.