We want to start 2021 with a big “Thank You” to our clients. We feel so fortunate to do what we love to do – helping you navigate the turbulent waters of health insurance. It certainly goes without saying that this past year threw quite a curveball at all of us. Through all the challenges and changes that we have been forced to endure, I can’t help but reflect on the year and see the silver linings that emerged. 


With a small crew here at Shoreline, we were fortunate to be able to continue to work from our office in Excelsior (silver lining!). However, we couldn’t take in-person meetings as we have in the past and were forced to switch to a virtual client meeting model. Initially, we were not thrilled as open enrollment is typically when we get to connect with you in-person – not just to review your health plan options but to catch up on life over the past year. 

Going virtual is easier said than done! Through some trial and error, we were able to find the right tools to allow us to serve you from afar. I never would have imagined that Shoreline would (or could!) go 100% virtual throughout Open Enrollment, but it turns out that it’s not only possible but BETTER!

As you know, we do not advertise. Our clients are referred to us, and we feel just as blessed today to be your resource for family and friends with health insurance and Medicare questions as we were on day one. As it has been from the start, our goal is always to get to know our clients and offer the personal touch that a huge agency simply can’t provide.

As we reflect on the changes 2020 brought to our business model – working with clients 100% virtually throughout Open Enrollment – we can’t help but see the benefits and will be looking to continue with this model in years ahead. 


Of course, that does NOT mean that we won’t see one another in person! We intend to make great use of the months outside of Open Enrollment (Jan.-Sept.) to create opportunities to connect, including hosting a few Covid-friendly, outdoor events throughout the warmer months in order to meet face-to-face and catch up on life. Watch for more information on those events soon!

Until then, we wish you all the best for 2021 and hope that you can find the silver lining in whatever the year brings your way. It’s certainly nice when life is smooth and easy, but it’s through the difficulties that we are able to grow into even better versions of ourselves. Let’s look at these times as opportunities and be the Ray of Sunshine to others.


Allison Kraus & the Shoreline Crew